Junior Programs

During the regular school year, September through June, we provide a complete junior program with a class for every age of child.

This program offers a distinct pathway from the Red Ball 36-foot program all the way to the Yellow ball HP program. We start kids in a smaller safe environment where they can be successful as quickly as possible and learn the fundamentals without generating bad habits from trying to play on a court space too large for their size and strength.

The pathway culminates in our High-Performance program designed to prepare junior athletes for collegiate tennis and regular tournament play.


10 & Under

We are at the forefront of 10 & Under junior Tennis instruction. We provide a safe fun environment for kids to experience early success with the basics of tennis. We progress fundamentals in a fun way to develop an all-round understanding of the game. Starting with Red Ball for kids aged 4 to 8 then Orange Ball kids 7 to 9 graduating Junior High Performance for kids aged 8 to 10. Red focuses on lateral movement and rally development, Orange focuses on depth and intro to net-play and then Green Ball on the full court focuses on advanced techniques combined with the Red and Orange fundamentals.

Red, Orange + Green Ball 10 & Under

Red, Orange + Green Ball 10 & Under


8 to 11+

This program has two classes, the first for kids aged 11 and up with minimal tennis experience in which we focus on developing tactics and techniques necessary to accelerate a young player’s development towards competition at a fun, competitive level. The second class is our competitive Junior High Performance group. This group is for experienced players aged 8 to 11 that have graduated from Orange ball. In this group, we focus on advanced techniques relative to a student’s body type. We combine lots of live ball drills and point play to develop the decision-making skills necessary to prepare kids for the High-Performance program.

Yellow Ball Beginners 11 & Up + Jr High Performance 8 to 11

Yellow Ball Beginners 11 & Up
+ Jr High Performance 8 to 11


Invite Only

The HP Program is a combination of competitive training, technical tuning for improved tactical shot selection, and the human element, improving youth mindsets for life! Our goal is to connect with students by collaboration, not dictating. Our mission is to use Tennis as a medium to teach creativity, self-confidence, and awareness of faults without judgment. We believe cultivating a growth mindset is the most important element to the development of our youth in this day and age. Students enrolled in this program must have a UTR of at least 3.0 and players are placed in either the HPA or HPB group. Each 90 minute class trains at separate times with a max of twelve players in each group. You must be invited to play in this group. Caerwyn Evans will coach the HP program exclusively!

High Performance Invite Only

High Performance Invite Only


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